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Partial photo of abstract painting

Fluid Forms and Dynamic Narratives

An Abstract Journey in Mixed Media

In her work, Anya relies on her intuition and the unpredictable nature of ink and other media to guide her hand. This allows her to create paintings full of surprises that convey her emotions directly and powerfully. Each painting is the result of a dynamic process during which objects emerge, are partially painted over, or merely left as glimpsed fragments. The finished piece is a complex tapestry of layers and textures.

Abstract painting above a sofa

Shaded Reverie | Mixed Media on Panel | 30 x 40 inches

“Painting is a language to me that I use to express myself. Colors, markings, and textures in my work are deliberate choices creating a mood and resonance. My intention is to evoke a response, to uplift and inspire those who engage with my paintings. Art is not merely a visual medium but a conduit for connection and expression, a testament to the beauty and complexity of the natural world.”

Anya McManis painting in her art studio

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